Wagner Junker Launches Craft Vodka Brand

4 Jul

Wagner Junker creates Advertising, P.R. AND SOCIAL MEDIA campaign for DEVOTION VODKA

Created in San Francisco, the birthplace of the original martini, Devotion Spirits unleashed the ground-breaking power of the first-ever 80-proof, four column distilled vodka with the benefits of protein.  Whether enjoyed on the rocks, mixed, stirred or shaken, Devotion Vodka provides for the smooth, delicious ultra-premium vodka taste discerning vodka lovers are seeking. Devotion is the first and only vodka that provides a real protein boost. WJ Agency launched a coordinated campaign that was strong on social media, P.R., and viral outreach with minimal strategic print advertising.

Client Devotion Vodka
Creative Director Eric Junker
Designer Eric Junker
Writers Jeff Wagner, Eric Junker


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